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‘How long till we get there, Dad?’ asked Joshua. ‘Not long’, replied Dad.

The Pensivies were driving through the great Phoenix, Arizona desert, on the way to visit their Mother’s family. They were on a long stretch of road, and had not seen a car for the last half-hour. They would be through the area in about a half an hour more.

radiator repairJust then, the motor started pre-igniting, and running very roughly. Dad glanced down at the instrument panel, and stopped the corvette. ‘The radiator has run out of antifreeze. Does anyone have any water to get us to the next town?’ Alas, they had forgotten to fill their water-bottles that morning.

‘We’ said dad ‘need to call a radiator repair shop’. He took his smart-phone out of his pocket. ‘Ah, it is dead. Does anyone have their phone?’ John Calvin, the oldest boy, handed Dad his phone. ‘You know, Calvin,’ Dad requested, ‘why do you not look them up for me, while I find the problem?’ ‘Yes, Sir’ Calvin responded ‘I will.’ Dad handed him the phone, then opened the hood of the corvette. A minute later Calvin said ‘Dad, I looked up radiator shops in Eureka, and found one. I also determined how far from Eureka we are. Would you like me to call them?’. ‘Yes’ replied Dad. ‘Please do so’. ‘Yes, Sir’ responded the son, and called the number provided. ‘This is the radiator repair shop of Eureka,’ he heard them answer. ‘how can we help you?’ ‘Our radiator has stopped working on our van’, he answered, ‘and we are twenty miles west of you, on Lincoln Hwy. We have no water to fill our radiator with, temporarily, to reach your shop. If possible, we need someone to bring us some antifreeze with which to get there.’ ‘We will be there in just a few minutes’, the man assured him. Calvin replaced his phone. ‘They said they would be here in just a few minutes, Dad’.custom-built-radiator

Dad looked up, saying ‘Thank you, son. You are a man now, and handled that as well as I could. Would you like me to show you how to temporarily fix the leak, so we can fill it with the antifreeze the repairman will bring, so we can get into town?’ ‘Certainly, Dad’ responded Calvin. ‘Could I watch, too’ asked little Joshua. ‘You know’, Dad said, ‘that would be a good lesson for your home-schooling. I will teach you about car maintenance, and radiators are a good place to start. then we can get into where to find nice corvettes for sale. All of you come watch.’ All the children, except the two babies, got out of the van, with a unanimous ‘Thank you, Dad’. Even Unity, three years of age, was eager to learn. After fixing the leak, and a lesson the children enjoyed immensely, the radiator repair man arrived, and produced the antifreeze. Then the children got in the van, thanking Dad for the lesson.

As they followed the repair-man’s truck to the shop, Dad mused, ‘ radiator shops are a blessing, are they not?’

We want to thank the Phoenix, AZ radiator shop that made our trip such a success. You can find out more by clicking here.